The Pro version of GEMINI® adds Enhanced Features in Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Diamond Management

GEMINI® is a Complete Jewelry Business Management System for One or Hundreds of Locations Using Robust Microsoft® SQL Server Technology.

The Pro version of GEMINI® adds:

  • Make-to-Stock Manufacturing with Component Requirements Planning
  • Enhanced Diamond Price & Parcel Management
  • Sell by Weight
  • Sell by Multi-Currency POS
  • Integration capability to ShopControlPro®
  • Unlimited number of links of files to Customers and ItemMaster

Download the GEMINI® Pro Version 9 Two Page Brochure

The GEMINI® special order screen allows you to create customer orders for repairs and special orders, set up estimated labor and materials, print job bags, control component inventory via issues and de-issues to orders. Users record and control job costs by entering actual labor performed. GEMINI® analyzes estimated vs. actual labor, and materials for you.

GEMINI® Pro includes enhanced diamond price management that can import ‘Rap’ formatted diamond tables from your Rap subscription. You can compare and update your prices based on your criteria.

Choose GEMINI® Pro if you are a jewelry business that:

  • Has a workshop or factory, or uses contractors that make jewelry for your own stock (not just special order)
  • Needs to easily manage components required for purchasing special and stock orders
  • Accepts payments in multiple currencies
  • Sells jewelry or loose stones by weight (gram, pennyweight or carat)
  • Maintains diamond prices related to ‘Rap’ and wants to be able to re-price diamonds at any time as a percentage of ‘Rap’
  • Needs to inspect and accept or return diamond parcels
  • Allocate accepted parcels to specific diamond items with complete cost allocation control
  • Wants to integrate with ShopControlPro®

The GEMINI® Pro version offers these Additional Features to GEMINI®

Make-to-Stock Orders

  • The special order screen is enhanced to include ‘make-to-stock’ capability
  • GEMINI® Pro can generate a Components Required Report detailing items that need to be made or purchased
  • Print make-to-stock job bags complete with barcodes, images, bill of materials and suggested labor routing
  • Track both estimated and actual labor and materials

Sell by Weight

  • Set up any item as a ‘sell by weight’ item
  • At the Point of Sale, you are required to enter the actual weight of the item or capture the weight directly from a scale with a direct interface

ItemMaster and Enhancements

  • Link any number or files to any ItemMaster such as images, PDFs, docs, spreadsheets, and more. Open any file with a single mouse click

Customer Clienteling Enhancements

  • Link any number or files to any Customer, just like on the ItemMaster
  • Specify any number of contact names for any customer. This is perfect for retail customers and vendors that may have many buyers and other contacts


  • Accept payment in any currency or mix of currencies
  • Enter daily conversion rates and GEMINI® Pro maintains historical conversion rates
  • GEMINI® Pro saves conversion rates with each transaction

ShopControlPro® Interface

  • GEMINI® Pro interfaces with ShopControlPro®, our enterprise class system for jewelry manufacturers. Manufacturers with retail operations using ShopControlPro® now have an integrated solution

Diamond Price File Management

  • GEMINI® has a complete Diamond Master system. GEMINI® Pro adds the ability to import and update diamond prices globally or individually. Subscribers to Rapaport can import diamond prices as often as desired and compare them to current diamond prices.
  • You can update all or any of your diamond prices with discounts you select by size, shape, color, quality

Diamond Parcel Allocation

  • With Diamond Parcel Allocation you can sort out and categorize a parcel.
  • After sorting goods, GEMINI® Pro compares parcel value vs. standard cost per carat and calculates discount, automatically.

*Some scales may require 3rd party software to interface to Windows; available at a nominal extra cost.

Designed for Windows® 10

Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 – 2016 verified compatible

Microsoft Windows 7 Windows 8 Compatible

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