Enterprise Class Software for Manufacturing and Wholesale Jewelers Using Microsoft® SQL Server Technology

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ShopControlPro® (SCP) is software designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of the jewelry manufacturer by jewelry manufacturing and technology experts. It is NOT a modified generic program.

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We know what works in the industry and understand how to get things done quickly and accurately using robust and stable Microsoft® SQL Server technology. SCP is a true business class manufacturing and ERP system your business can depend on.

Jewelry manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers around the world depend on SCP to manage their daily operations.

MPI is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner meeting the highest levels of competency and customer satisfaction requirements.

Manage your entire operation in one comprehensive system.

Build items in the ItemMaster specifying complete details of a piece with a detailed bill of materials, routing, and 4 image per item. Recalculate costs globally when metals and component costs change.
Manage customers with our built in CRM. View full customer details including, sales history, on memo quantities, appraisals, quotes, and more.
Maintain total control of the sales , manufacturing, purchasing and invoicing process with SCP-ERP™. Process Suggested Order Quantity calculations, order scheduling, purchasing, memorandums (in and out), EDI, sales, invoicing, customer specific pricing, manufacturing order tracking, loss control by quantity, metal weight, and stone weight.

Maintain margins and control costs with purchasing, diamond parcel management and fully detailed costing on manufacturing orders.

ShopControlPro® is a product of MPI Systems, Inc., Multi Award-Winning

Software Developers – Exclusively for the Jewelry Industry, Since 1986

ShopControlPro® Features:


  • Built on Microsoft® SQL Server
  • User-customizable main dashboard
  • 100% Windows Microsoft® technology, fully MS Office compatible
  • Multi-user, multi-location, enterprise class
  • Designed for 5 to hundreds of users
  • Unlimited number of security groups each with their own permissions for forms, reports and functions.
  • ShopControlPro® utilizes an open database system so authorized users can extract data for their own reports and data analysis. Export data to Word, Excel or report writers.
  • RFID & barcode capable
  • Transaction tracking throughout
  • Synchronized with MPI’s GEMINI® for retail capabilities

Product Database

  • ItemMaster with full multi-level bill of materials and routings
  • Item builder with cloning and auto-costing
  • Image Cross Reference – 4 images per item
  • Diamond Certificate store/view/print
  • Casting and Finding item costing by metal price and labor.
  • Substitute and related items


  • Unlimited locations
  • Total inventory control of all materials: jewelry, work in process, memo goods, samples, diamonds, stones, contractor work, vendor, salespersons, etc.
  • Diamond parcel management

Sales and CRM

  • Sales order enter/cancel/clone
  • Sales orders can be direct to mfg order (1 to 1) or aggregate demand across all orders to consolidate mfg/purchasing requirements
  • Price by fixed price, by weight or by increment with separate gold/silver/platinum increments. You can also define customer-specific pricing by fixed, weight, or increment pricing rules
  • Customer Management /CRM including contacts log, customer attributes, significant dates with reminders, keywords
  • Build mailing lists with sales/customer criteria search and built-in labeling and form letter generation
  • Customers can be on any number of mailing lists


  • Memo goods into ShopControlPro® and track until sold or returned
  • Memo by quantity, weight, or carats with appropriate pricing
  • Memos can be sent to any location such as certification agencies, customers, vendors, or contractors
  • Memos can be returned or invoiced (both partial or complete). You can also perform a credit return to memo when a memo sold item is returned to your customer’s store
  • You can have both Memo and Asset inventory on the same item number

SCP-ERP functions

  • EDI import/export
  • Suggested Order Quantity (SOQ) calculation based on forecast, on hand, on order, and allocations
  • Manufacturing order with hold/release.
  • Schedule jobs by operation with visual Gantt chart functionality. View workload vs. capacity by department by week. Identify problem areas before it impacts deliveries
  • Job bags for jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, castings, findings
  • Track manufacturing orders through any number of locations
  • Split job bags as required
  • Issue and de-issue components to work orders with full cost buildup
  • Barcode capable throughout
  • Direct scale interface (may require software from the scale mfr.)
  • Special functions for casting/shotting
  • Idle Inventory Reporting
  • Work in process tracking
  • Proprietary Purchase Order List
  • Incoming QC functions
  • Labor-only purchase orders
  • Vendor Debits


  • Hundreds of user configured reports
  • Pre-filter most reports or filter on the report interactively. Save filters
  • Active reporting supports double click drill down to item, transaction, order numbers, customer, vendor, etc.
  • User can save their favorite reports


  • Built in system-wide messaging which allows email-like messages
  • Jewelry tag printing
  • Filter Wizard to search for items by criteria
  • Build imaged presentations
  • Create beautiful imaged sell sheets
  • Ipad™ accessable

Accounting Choices

  • ShopControlPro® integrates directly into QuickBooks® in real time for basic accounting functions. You never have to enter any data twice
  • ShopControlPro® can export data to SQL tables for import into Microsoft GP (Great Plains)
  • For others, please contact MPI

Designed for Windows®  10

Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 – 2016 verified compatible

Microsoft Windows 7 Windows 8 Compatible

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