New, Improved GEMINI® and ShopControlPro® versions with new features – and a new look!

In this post, we’re introducing the latest version of GEMINI® software – Version 9.


GEMINI® Version 9 comes with a new look and new features, including PopNSwap™ and the GEMINI®  DataWizard™.

PopNSwap™ allows authorized users to swap out the center stones of two finished jewelry items. This automatically creates two new finished items, so they can be repriced, retagged and sold.


DataWizard™ allows authorized users to specify powerful and flexible criteria, select the fields to export, and immediately create an Excel spreadsheet for further use.


With GEMINI®, you can do everything from completing basic Points of Sale to effectively keeping track of customers and inventory to tracking how your business is doing with a comprehensive suite of reports.

Contact us now to revolutionize your jewelry management with version 9 of GEMINI® software – only from MPI Systems, Inc.!